Two Years

We’re coming up on two years since the beginning of the pandemic.

Paradigms are shifting

I believe that it will be seen as a paradigm shifting event for society, much like the Great Depression was, or WW2, or the decade of the 60’s were. It will literally change how we view everything moving forward.

In those two years several other things have happened that, absent Covid, might have been considered foundational shifts, but all added together, definitely will be.

What I find fascinating is that everyone I know views this period differently. For some, it has strengthened their belief system and world view, while for others it has shattered everything the thought about the world around them.

Some I know have, or are in the process of, making huge life changing moves in their finances, where they want to live, their employment, or their lifestyle. I know people who have tossed in the towel on businesses they have spent their whole life building while others have doubled down on theirs.

Many have decided that working a menial job to barely survive isn’t worth it, while others have taken advantage of the fact that you can now wash dishes or stock shelves for $20 per hour and they’ve taken a second part time job to make big changes in their lives. Seriously, I know several people that make great money but are now temporarily working part time jobs to pay off debts, save for something big, or invest in something they see as life changing.

Some are doing everything they can do to become as independent of society and as self sustaining as possible, while others are embracing their tendencies to need to be taken care of.

My question to you.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned through all of this? Confirmed preconceived notions? Something you wouldn’t have possibly thought could be true proven to be so? A lesson learned about yourself, your life, or something/someone around you?

Has the last two years changed anything for you moving forward? How so?






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