I’m So Excited For iPad OS!

Apple’s recent announcements at WWDC has me excited about iOS. It was the the motivation I needed to finally buy a new iPad. I  got the BIG iPad. The 13” iPad pro.

All iOS All The Time

I’m a painting contractor by day, and I have slowly converted nearly all of my computer work to my phone. I often go weeks without ever opening my laptop. I do all of my email, estimates, and invoicing on my phone. It’s sometimes tedious, and file management on iOS is a pain in the ass. But I really hate dealing with a PC.

I also edit audio, mainly podcasts, for fun and for other people. Again, while possible on mobile devices, especially the iPad, it can be tedious. The editing and processing itself is awesome. There are some very capable and powerful apps available for the iPad. The hardest part is getting the files onto the iPad from audio recorders, and managing the files, and then the managing of the uploads.

Doing A Thing

Another drawback is that I’m Doing a Thing. It will require a website, and a podcast, and possibly a YouTube channel, and thus video editing. Website management is still tedious on an iPad. Mobile Safari is still very limited. Google properties are absolutely horrible in Safari.

This site is on Google’s Blogger. I use it because it’s simple and dependable. It’s does what I need. The downside? None of the pages in the dashboard work on Mobile Safari! If you have to scroll beyond what you can see when you first load the page, you can’t. Sometimes you can arrow down the page, but not always. It will work for simple posting, but that’s about it. Rearranging widgets in the customizer? Not a pleasurable experience. To make matters worse, there isn’t a native app for blogger.

WordPress is better. Their app is good. The backend works for the most part. But I. Hate. WordPress. Especially self hosted WordPress. I don’t want to deal with the maintenance headaches that come with it. I may need to use it in the future for a project I may do, but until I have to, I’m intending to avoid it. 

Enter iOS 13, and iPad OS.

Coming this fall, Apple is releasing iOS 13. With it, they are solving almost all of the limitations that have kept me from going all iOS. 

  1. Major improvements to multitasking.
  2. A true file manager! Including the ability to ingest any file type via mass storage devices.This will make the iPad a true work machine for me.
  3. And finally, a true desktop class browser! This should solve most website management problems.

For all of these reasons, I finally purchased a !# inch iPad Pro, with the Smart Keyboard, and the Apple Pencil.

So far, I am absolutely loving it! I’m finding that for the most part, I can avoid turning on my laptop, and when iPad OS arrives, i may never have to again.






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