How Would Adam and Eve Eaten?

Some thoughts about a simpler diet.

A doctor once told me to think about how Adam and Eve would have eaten.

If you think about it for a minute or two, it makes sense, and provides a simple way to decide what food to eat. They likely wouldn’t have many utensils, if any. They probably didn’t have efficient weapons, at least to begin with.

They would have eaten small portions of mostly fruit and vegetables, usually raw. They likely would have eaten a wide variety. They would have done this several times a day. It would be the easiest way to eat, and much less work.

As it turns out, doctors and scientists now say that eating many small meals throughout the day is the best way to maintain energy all day long, with the least risk of weight gain. It’s also much easier on our digestive system.

Also, there would likely be very little grain in their diet, and it definitely wouldn’t be processed like we eat today.

What meat they did eat would have been usually small poultry and birds. Larger animals like beef, pork and lamb would have been to hard to kill regularly, would have taken way to much work to prepare, and there would be no way to store it. So the only time it would make sense to eat beef would be when there was a large gathering. Again, this would be much healthier. My Doctor says that a good rule of thumb is that the bigger the animal, the the less often we should eat it.

Things that would likely be absent from their diet would be dairy, sweeteners (other than things like honey), corn and salt. There also would be no alcohol, with the exception of wine occasionally.

If we thought about these things when we chose our food, how many diseases would we avoid? How many fewer allergies would we have? How much simpler would meal preparation be?

Something to think about.






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