How Much is Enough?

I’ve been thinking about minimalism a lot lately. Not in the sense of getting rid of all of my stuff, but more in the sense of “how much is enough?

Leo Babauta is a true minimalist, both in life philosophy and also when it comes to physical possessions.

Dave is a radical minimalist, limiting himself to 100 personal possessions.

I read and enjoy both of them, but I’m thinking more in terms of simplification.

Do I really need over 300 cd’s sitting around? They are all on my computer. I never pull them out and read the inserts.

What about the over 100 dvds in our house, taking up space in their large cases? Could we put them in binders, Or maybe even rip them to a large hard drive?

I rarely buy paper books anymore, but I still have many books on shelves. Why?

Just some things I’ve been thinking about.






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