Frustration With WordPress

I’m working on setting up a podcast. It will be an experimental show called PDX Rants. I doubt it will ever become anything serious. It’s really meant to be a calling card of sorts. I eventually want to get into editing and producing podcasts for other people, and it’s hard to have any credibility if you don’t have anything to show as your own.

Today I set up a WordPress site as the home of the podcast. Trying to go as cheap as possible, I got the Domain and hosting through Namecheap. It was under $30.00 for the first year. Not a bad deal. Setting up a SSL certificate has proven to be a major pain in the ass though. I still haven’t gotten that all sorted out.

WordPress has gotten more and more difficult to set up over time. Well, difficult isn’t the right word exactly. Tedious is probably a better way to describe it. Purchasing the domain and hosting was easy, and they make it super simple to install and log into WordPress. That’s where it goes down hill.

As soon as you’re in the dashboard, you’re hit with so much clutter, and alerts, and Jetpack. Jetpack is everywhere, and every click you make leads to an up sell. The biggest problem is you can’t hide it, and you can’t uninstall it. It really makes me want to find another solution. The biggest reason I’m likely to stay with it though is because I want to use the PrettyLinks and PowerPress plug-ins. There really isn’t anything that give’s you the same functionality on another platform.

I hate WordPress. I really want to find a better alternative to recommend to other people.






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