Facebook to Friend or Not to Friend

When I first joined Facebook, I accepted friend requests from just about anyone. I also liked many many fan pages, both of celebrities and companies. My news feed is now insanely hard to follow.

Over the holidays, I will be “unfriending” many people and authors, and “unliking” almost all businesses, nonprofits and celebrity fan pages.

From now on, Facebook is only for people I have met personally, built up relationships with elsewhere online, and a select few people and organizations I haven’t personally met, but wich I have some compelling reason to associate with on Facebook.

My apologies if you or your profile or page doesn’t fit that criteria. I have enabled subscribers, so if you really want to, you can subscribe to my public posts.

Note to Minors: I volunteer at my church’s youth group. I never intentionally send friend requests to teenage girls, weather I know them or not. If I receive a friend request from a young lady that I know, I will usually will accept, but I make sure to friend at least one of their parents, and let them know about the friend request from their daughter.

My next step is to really organize my friends into a couple of lists, and start using them.






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