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  • Fixing My Productivity Mess: Part 3 – Simplenotes

    In my Last post, I got Apple Notes all set up for my productivity system. I also got Evernote cleaned up and cleared out hundreds of old notes that I hadn’t even looked at for several years. They were mostly outdated web clippings and notes for research on projects I either did years ago or […]

  • Fixing My Productivity Mess: Part 2 – Note Taking Apps

    In part 1, I described what I did to clean up my email inboxes. Today I will describe my current situation with my note-taking apps. Swimming in “productivity” apps Over the years, I have collected several note taking apps. I have been trying to find the magic bullet. The one to rule them all. There […]

  • Simplenote!


    Well done Automatic. The newest version of Simplenote is great. It’s becoming my favorite notes app again.

  • Fixing My Productivity Mess: Part 1 – Email

    The end of another year is approaching. Fast. December often brings a few weeks of downtime. Work starts trailing off in the first or second week of December, and I’m usually back at it full speed by the second week of January.  As I shared in my previous post, I have a real mess. I […]

  • Confessions of an Armchair Productivity Junkie

    Hi. My name is Gary, and I suck at productivity. I mean, I really, really suck at productivity. I want to be good at it. I watch a lot of productivity YouTubers. I have apps. I try to collect most of my information. I’m like the armchair quarterback sitting in his living room on Sundays […]

  • Two Years

    We’re coming up on two years since the beginning of the pandemic. Paradigms are shifting I believe that it will be seen as a paradigm shifting event for society, much like the Great Depression was, or WW2, or the decade of the 60’s were. It will literally change how we view everything moving forward. In […]

  • The Future of Electric Vehicles is Very Elitist

    The other day I was listening to a podcast about the future of power delivery, technology & electric cars. I love that stuff. ‬ We Will Punish Lower Income Drivers One thing is starting to get on my nerves. The common statement “everyone has to start buying electric cars now!” Or “we have to eliminate […]

  • Missing Eddie

    Missing Eddie

    Celebrity deaths don’t usually have a noticeable affect on me. This one still has me stunned. As a drummer, every guitar player I have ever played with was influenced by his innovation, weather they know it or not. For the first few days I couldn’t bear the thought of listening to Van Halen, but for […]

  • I’m So Excited For iPad OS!

    Apple’s recent announcements at WWDC has me excited about iOS. It was the the motivation I needed to finally buy a new iPad. I  got the BIG iPad. The 13” iPad pro. All iOS All The Time I’m a painting contractor by day, and I have slowly converted nearly all of my computer work to […]

  • Frustration With WordPress

    I’m working on setting up a podcast. It will be an experimental show called PDX Rants. I doubt it will ever become anything serious. It’s really meant to be a calling card of sorts. I eventually want to get into editing and producing podcasts for other people, and it’s hard to have any credibility if you […]